Mammoth Challenge Ride 2009

19 riders set off from Mammoth at dusk and were quickly onto the Chase and riding miles of technical singletrack. The weather was great if a little warm, and the trails were dry and fast.
23 miles into the ride saw the halfway BBQ although the pace was fast in places waiting for catch-up and mechanicals took its toll meaning it took four hours to get to the secret location (Marquis Drive).
As the sun rose at 4.30 the riders started the second half of the ride and 22 miles later saw the last section of singletrack called the Horseshoe pass which finishes near the gates of Shugborough. There was a final sprint along the road to arrive back at Mammoth with nearly 50 miles of off-road riding mostly singletrack, a darn good night out, and sponsorship for a worthy charity - Birmingham Childrens Hospital.



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